Board of Directors:

 R. J. Kost–––––  Chairman

 Steve Bailey––-   Vice-Chairman

 Cindy Jacobs––- Secretary

 Steve Zawacki–- Treasurer

 Floyd Young––– Security Officer

 Ray Nelson––––-Membership Officer

 Scott McKenzie––-Director

 Caroline Kost––-Supervisory Chair

Presidents/Managers: Bobbie Bell and Nickie Proffitt     

Building Representatives:

Administration–––- —–––––––––––––––R. J. Kost

Shoshone Learning Center–––––––––––Amber Beaudry

Bus Garage, Clark   —––––––––––––––-Sherri Simipson

High School —––––––––––––––––––––-Scott McKenzie

High School —––––––––––––––––––––-Sue Skalsky

Middle School —–––––––––––––––––––Jodee Metzler

Northwest College —–––––––––––––––Bobbie Bell

Northwest College —–––––––––––––––Nickie Proffitt

Parkside Elementary —–––––––––––––Caroline Kost

Southside Elementary —––––––––––––Dori Trustem

Southside Elementary —––––––––––––Stephanie Ramsey

Westside Elementary —––––––––––––Darci Ostermiller

Membership Requirements:

To be a member of the Powell Schools Federal Credit Union you must be employed by Park County School District #1 or Northwest College.  Spouses and children of employees may also have an account.  

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